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Participating Artists

Rey Parla

Wide Awakes



Tohru Matsushita

Kosuke Kawamura

Fukushima 30-Year Project


Jun Nakasuji

Mariko Gelman

Hiroyuki Ura

Shuji Akagi


Yasuhiro Nishikawa

Kozue Takaya

Nozomi Fujita

Shinpei Ohno

Ken Hamazaki

Ai Iwane

Yuta Hirai

Chim↑Pom from Smappa!Group

Hashino-shita World Music Festival


3331 Arts Chiyoda



6-11-14 Sotokanda Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo 101-0021

Nearest station

1 min. from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Suehirocho station (Exit 4)
3 min. from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Yushima station (Exit 6)
6 min. from Toei Oedo Line Ueno-Okachimachi station (Exit A1)
7 min. from JR Okachimachi station (Southern Exit)
8 min. from JR Akihabara station (Electric City Exit)


There is no general-use parking lot on the facility grounds. Please use one of the parking lots in the surrounding area.
Please use public transportations.


"AWAKES -Awakening of everyone"

"AWAKES -Awakening of everyone"

 Wide Awakes, is a global art movement launched by José Parla and his friend Hank Willis Thomas in New York. In 2021, in response to the 10th anniversary of 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in Japan, artist collectives have been derived from citizen's radioactivity measurement and ‘The 10th FUKUSHIMA, Nippon AWAKES’ (hereinafter referred to as “Nippon AWAKES”) was formed.
 The representation of Nippon AWAKES is always reduced to the solution of social issues that can be seen in daily life.
 Every culture is always shaped by a small number of people who are aware, and at times have unreasonable convictions. While twisting and burping such human beings, we have found new and universal values in our daily life and continuity. 

* This physical and NFT exhibition is a new "Social Art" attempt to create unprecedented movements of money by artists in parallel with or without physical disabilities.

Participating Artists

Rey Parla, Wide Awakes, snipe1, USUGROW, Tohru Matsushita, Kosuke Kawamura, Fukushima 30-Year Project, LAND FES DIVERSITY, Jun Nakasuji, Mariko Gelman, Hiroyuki Ura, Shuji Akagi, FIGLAB, Yasuhiro Nishikawa, Kozue Takaya, Nozomi Fujita, Shinpei Ohno, Ken Hamazaki, Ai Iwane, Yuta Hirai, Chim↑Pom from Smappa!Group, Hashino-shita World Music Festival (in no particular order)

Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda (1F main venue)
Event Dates: Saturday August 27- Sunday September 11th (2022) 
 1000 yen + donations-Adults 
 500 yen for junior high and high school students
 Free for elementary students and younger

※ A Part of the sales will be donated to the Fukushima 30-year Project, which has been measuring radioactivity in Fukushima City since 2011. The breakdown will be published on the AWAKES / Minna no Awakening website.

Executive Producer: Lotus Inc. Hiroshi Koizumi
Strategist: The 10
Creative Director: M.C.BOO
Art Direction: Daisuke "KCD" Kishi
Character Design: Naoki "UJT" Ujita
Cooperation: EARTH+GALLERY, PLEASE Co., Ltd., Two Doors Corp., KOBO-SYU, KIKI!! CREATIVE, Minna Denryoku
Concept Communicator: The 10th FUKUSHIMA, Nippon AWAKES
Title Calligraphy: Jose Parla
Overseen by Wide Awakes